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What makes a doctor prescribe your brand?

Most doctors prefer limiting rep visits to once a month

The holy grail of brand establishment in Indian pharma market lies in the ability of pharma companies in making doctors prefer their brand over hundreds of alternate brands. Indian pharma market is primarily dominated by branded generics. This means establishing the “brand” among doctors is pivotal while the broader pharma industry and internet takes care of propagating crucial drug and medical information. In that case, how will you distinguish your product from a competitor who is selling the same drug with a different label? Will talking pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics to doctors move the needle? Sure, but your competitors have the same weapon at their disposal! Moreover, medical and drug information are just a click away for doctors from the internet. They don’t need pharma reps for information anymore, especially in a branded generics market like India. Does finding “favor” with the doctor help? Maybe, but how long will it last? Customers know we are knocking their doors not for pleasantries but for business.

Market analysis shows that doctors prescribe brands for three main reasons. Quality, Price and “Experience”.

Quality and price can be countered by competition. What cannot be countered or emulated is the unique experience customers can get from the company. So what is the “Experience” we are talking about? In simple terms, its called Customer Experience!

According to research conducted by Watermark Consulting, companies that focussed on Customer Experience (CX) significantly increased their overall growth. It’s important to note that companies that did not have CX vision underperformed.

Why does experience matter? Ask yourself this, why do we prefer 3D version of movies better than 2D version while the content is just the same? It’s the “Experience” that makes the difference.

Better experiences always drive stronger affinity. It is the unique key that unlocks the doors to brand success with customers. The relationship a company establishes with customers will become a memorable experience when the company engages with holistic commitment towards the “success” of customers. Brand experience becomes more tangible to customers when they realize a personalized connection that companies establish through various channels like Rep visits, Email, Social, Webinars, Industry events and KOL. These channels are powerful tools for companies that have a clear Digital Strategy for customer engagement. Digital plays a major role is ensuring the company is within reach in every convenient channel of communication to customers.

Why do we need a multi channel engagement strategy? How is it related to Customer Experience? Today, most doctors prefer limiting rep visits to once a month. In an increasingly crowded pharma field force, access to doctors are increasingly getting difficult. A multi channel digital engagement strategy breaks these barriers and brings the unique and consistent brand experience across every touch point with customers and enables “painless” engagement. Now, think about a rep visiting a doctor once a month and the doctor is engaged via email and social in the following weeks with “quality” content. By the next visit, the rep will have a complete view of the doctor’s engagement from all channels throughout the previous month and converse with complete relevance. The brand sticks to doctor’s mind as the exposure to the brand is consistent for the rest of the month through digital channels, Needless to mention, KOLs and webinars are great avenues to build trust and credibility. Ensuring such an experience must be the goal of pharma companies to win prescriptions and earn loyalty.

Are you working towards this goal?

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