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Digital Transformation is NOT doing manual tasks digitally!

Top Indian Pharma executives agree that most companies today do the same manual tasks digitally with their current systems.

When Digital hit the Indian Pharma market a decade ago, most companies did not have a clear understanding on how to take advantage of digital medium for their business advancement. The result was most companies started building their home grown software for their field force. Gone are the days where reps had to write down their tour plan, daily call record, POB, stockist order etc. in a piece of paper and manually or postally deliver it to their office. Companies started changing that behavior even by deploying cloud based software systems to replace the paper medium. Sure, a technological advancement in field operations. But guess what? The task the rep had to do still remained the same! The sales rep will manually enter tour plan in the app. The rep will then manually add daily calls in the same app and manually report the calls in the app. After entering every information manually, the rep then goes home to prepare sample plan for the next day, once again manually! How is this transformational and relieving field reps from administrative tasks except saving paper and postage costs for the companies?

Many of today’s Online Call Reporting Systems still buckle Pharma companies in this status quo without delivering the advantages of “innovation” digital can offer.

Market research shows that nearly 60% of a field rep’s time is spent on administrative tasks and only 40% of the time is spent in actual selling in the market, needless to mention the erratic waiting hours in the clinics. Many of today’s Online Call Reporting Systems still buckle Pharma companies in this status quo without delivering the advantages of innovation digital can offer. Wisdom calls for changing this predicament of precious field force with a Next Generation Pharma CRM that invests in Innovation, leaving Pharma companies to focus on Customer Success while the CRM takes care of the burden of transforming these inefficiencies into trail blazers. Digital has not only brought convenience but also opens doors for innovation which brings new ideas to the market that enables companies to differentiate from competition. Organizations that pivot their focus on innovation are likely to outperform competition in the coming days and it will be too late for digital “laggards” to wake up on doom.

What field force need is a virtual sales assistant and not a digital paper!

Think about an intelligent CRM that alerts the sales reps, managers and leadership what to focus on, automates every mundane task and provides realtime doctor prescription insights and much more? This is possible now!

Are you game?

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