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Smart Tour Plan

Smart Tour Plan improves Call Average, Call Coverage and Visit Regularity.

Our customers are witnessing significant improvement in their Reps’ field effectiveness, resulting in improved sales.

Since the evolution of computer, every industry has experienced profound changes in the way they operate. One of the main benefits of computerized operation is Automation. Many industry experts see automation as the defacto means to increase productivity and at the same time lower costs of operation. In Pharma Marketing the scope of automation is tremendous but it is being limited by lack of Intelligent Pharma CRM in place.

Today’s Pharma marketing is merely a paper to digital transformation without any automation. For example, Sales Reps still execute every aspect of their work manually using digital systems while most of the activities can be automated! They plan calls manually, visit doctors randomly and report manually, yet using a digital SFA system in one way or the other. How is this digital evolution or making their lives any better?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a system that does the planning for the Reps intelligently and reports the calls automatically as soon as the rep visits the doctors, reducing time spent on manual, repetitive tasks and increase time spent in the field with greater effectiveness? It is possible today with Smart Tour Plan!

Introducing Smart Tour Plan

Trail is the only Pharma CRM with Smart Tour Plan.

What is Smart Tour Plan?

Smart Tour Plan is an intelligent capability of Trail that uses customer information and Rep information and automatically puts together a Tour Plan on the Rep’s calendar considering various aspects like Doctor location, visit frequency, Rep’s proximity, area for the day, target call average, target coverage etc. In a nutshell, Smart Tour Plan is the first step in bringing a Digital, Personal Assistant to your Sales Reps that ensures your customers are reached in a smarter way and establish brand experience.

Call Coverage – Ensure above 90% call coverage as the system does smart daily call planning for your reps based on their availability and proximity.

Repeat Visits – Intervals for calls are meticulously ensured by the system and builds trust with doctors.

Call Average – Calls plans are designed based on customer availability and previous visit times to ensure calls are not missed.

Chemist Call Plan – System automatically nudges Reps to visit associated chemists and captures feedback but deeper customer intelligence and competitor intelligence.

Our customers are witnessing significant improvement in their Reps’ field effectiveness, resulting in improved sales.

Do you have Smart Tour Plan? We can help you! Reach out to us to know more and activate your Field Force effectiveness with Trail.


  • sathish

    October 21, 2019

    this is a revolutionary aspect which will benefit the rep and the team to a great extent, thus minimizing the rep’s work day stress and improving productivity.


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